About Us

Welcome to Delmar Dental

Our practice was founded by two doctors with an idea that the every member of our community could receive high-quality dental care at an affordable price and not have to choose between quality and price.

This has been the foundation of our practice and the continual guiding principle as we look to the future.

Our Philosophy

We have a strong philosophy that has guided us over the years and has helped us to be a pillar of the community as far as serving oral health needs.

High-Quality Dental Care

First, we believe in high-quality dental care. We believe that every member of the community has a right to quality oral care without cutting corners. This is reflected in the services that we extend to our patients and the tools and technology in which we have invested.

Fair Pricing

We strive to offer affordable care. With the right strategy we can be able to extend affordable care to our patients. This is reflected in the cost of our dental treatments. In line with this goal, we accept a wide variety of insurance covers. We don’t believe in turning people away because of their financial situation. If need be, we work with our clients to come up with reasonable payment plans to guarantee that they get the care that they deserve.

Interactive Patient Care

Delmar Dental believes in talking to rather than talking at our patients. We know that you have ideas and expectations of what you want to get from our services. Our dentists are patient and open to engaging you in a conversation. We don’t just come up with a treatment plan and expect you to follow blindly. Our goal is to come up with a treatment plan that fits in to your expectations and is catered to your lifestyle and ideals.

Patient Empowerment

Finally, we aren’t just about fixing problems. We like our patients to be proactive with their oral health to prevent recurring problems and prevent others. We believe in educating our patients on oral health to empower you to take full control of your life.

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