Advanced Technology

Delmar Dental Advanced Technology

As part of our commitment to providing the best dental care to our patients, our dentists take a pro-active approach to education. Delmar Dental professionals are constantly learning and improving their skills to keep up with dental trends and to secure a place in the front line of effective health care.

Learning isn’t useful if our dentists don’t have the proper equipment to supplement their knowledge and experience. This reason is why Delmar Dental invests in advanced dental technology to ensure that our dentists have the best tools possible to provide superior dental care. Some of the technology that you can expect to see at our clinic includes;

Digital X-Ray

Digital radiography has many practical implications for our practice but the first and most important is patient safety. Our x-ray machines emit 70% less radiation that traditional machines. We take our patient’s safety seriously and minimal radiation exposure is an integral part of meeting this commitment.

Additionally, digital radiography allows us to see the results of the x-ray instantly. Traditional x-rays have a time delay as the image needs to be processed first. This efficiency means quicker consultation times and overall seamless dental care.

Advanced Sterilization Equipment

Delmar Dental understands that some dental equipment is at higher risk of transmitting infection than others. Tools that penetrate bone or soft tissue, for example, require thorough sterilization compared to those associated with non-intact skin or mucous membranes. Whatever the case, we have invested in some of the best sterilization technology available in dentistry. Our equipment sterilizes as well as dries the dental implements while guaranteed that the implements are not prone to corrosion.

As an additional measure, our dentists and assistants are properly trained to use the sterilization equipment. We don’t advocate for shortening sterilization cycles to save time or overloading the equipment. The result is the utmost safety that you can expect only expect from a professional practice.

Computerized Operatory

Delmar Dental, in keeping up with the times, has invested in a computerized operatory. Our move to paperless systems has allowed us to improve efficiency, reduce human errors and to serve our clients better. A computer in our treatment rooms means that the dentist doesn’t have to shuffle back and forth to the reception to retrieve useful information.

Our small chair-side computers ensure that the dentist has full access to x-rays and other information necessary for a diagnosis or treatment at his disposal. You will also be able to see this information if it is important to you.

Intra-Oral Camera

An intra-oral camera is simply a mini-camera that is inserted into the patient’s mouth. The images are sent back to the dentist’s computer where they are enlarged. A visual inspection might not always catch problems so the intra-oral camera is an integral part of our commitment to thorough examination, diagnosis and treatment.

The camera also allows our dentists to interact with the patient. The dentist may, for example, pause and zoom on a problem tooth so the patient can see the problem and understand why the treatment is necessary. We empower our patients to take a pro-active approach to their dental health and treatment.

CEREC Crown Milling Machine

Finally, the CEREC crown milling machine is arguably our crown jewel. This machine allows us to make dental crowns in-house so you can get on with treatment as soon as possible. You don’t have to wait for your dental impressions to be sent to a lab, a crown made before another appointment is scheduled for its insertion. Everything is done in-house making it possible to get your crown done and all treatment completed in just one session.

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