Bring back the Original Whitish Look to your Teeth with Tooth Colored Fillings

A smiling face always fills the surrounding with joy. Remember the pleasure you got seeing your friends or colleague smile with the bright white tooth. Also, have you felt weird seeing someone smiling with the yellowish tooth? To bring back the whitish look of your tooth, Dentists prefer the remedy of tooth colored fillings which is also known as white fillings. It will restore the natural appearance of tooth structure and also works well in restoring the fractured or decayed tooth.
Is there gaps between your teeth and you are looking for the best alternate option to fix it? The tooth colored fillings process is particularly useful in filling up the gaps and repair chipped teeth. Also, change the size, color, and shape of teeth with the white filling process. Dentists prefer using more tooth-like materials that are safe and they look like natural teeth.
What are advantages of tooth colored fillings?
• They look exactly like natural teeth and helps in changing the appearance of your old tooth.
• There is no need of placement of slots or pins and they bond to the tooth structure chemically.
• The original strength of the tooth is restored to 85% – 95% with the bonding of white fillings.
• The process of hardening of the white composite is done within seconds rather than other materials.
• If the composite gets damaged then it can be repaired easily.
• Without compromising the aesthetics it can be used on front and back of the teeth.
• It is mostly preferred by patients as it does not show up while you talk or smile.

Procedure of Tooth Colored Filling Vista
The procedure starts with Enamel which is undoubtedly the hardest natural material. It contains calcium crystals bonded closely and it is easy to mimic to enamel part of your teeth. The inner part of the tooth is known as Dentin which consists of microscopic tubes of collagen with calcium deposits. This causes the sensitivity in your teeth transmitted through pulp to the center of your mouth. The dental composites colored filling is done on the teeth by Dental Porcelains. This composite is made out of non-amalgam fillings like resin and silica filler.
How is the composite filling placed?
Tooth colored composite fillings depend on the tooth decay. If the tooth decay has progressed beneath the enamel layer into the underlying dentin layer then anesthetizing the area becomes important. First, the decay is removed, the tooth is cleaned and a primer is applied to the area to restore it. The primer helps open the pores in the enamel and then the bonding agent is followed into the open pores. Once the filling is placed inside the tooth then it is hardened with a strong curing light.
The tooth colored filling is strong and durable as compared to metal counterparts and there are service providers who help in the placement of the fillings with proper dental care. Contacting the dental services will help get the expert assistance from trained dental experts.

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