The Differences between Silver and Tooth-colored Fillings

At some point or the other, we all have experienced tooth decay or some kind of cavity and gotten it filled with a silver amalgam or tooth-colored composite material. The decayed area of the tooth needs to be removed when you develop some kind of cavity around or in it. And for it does its functioning normally, the empty space that is created by the cavity is filled with durable and strong dental material to extend it the support it needs.

Earlier the patients were provided only with silver amalgam for the filling. Nowadays the times have changed; the patients get to choose from the composite they like. These tooth colored composites blend perfectly with your natural color and seamlessly surround your teeth.

Let’s go through the difference between amalgam and composite fillings for a better understanding.

White Composite Fillings

A lot of patients decide to go for white composite fillings in place of amalgam fillings for the sheer benefits that they get to avail from it like;-

  • There are no health hazards that are associated with composite fillings.
  • There are comparatively fewer complaints of patients post their treatments in regard to some kind of discomfort or sensitivity when they used composite material rather than the silver one.
  • The material that is used in the treatment can easily be tailored according to the teeth color of the patient, making it look natural.
  • Although they are bit expensive than silver composites they are more reliable and presentable.
  • And since this composite material asks for a more skilful person, you can rest assured that you filling would be done perfectly by an expert. So no matter where you go only a well-qualified cosmetic dentist is going to perform your procedure.

Amalgam Fillings

There still are a lot of doctors who offer silver fillings in place of composite ones, as a part of mass still prefers silver composite over white composite for several reasons like;- 

  • The time taken for the treatment that involves silver amalgam is very less compared to the white composite one.
  • The price of this treatment is comparatively low because this procedure doesn’t require any enhanced skill set. Any normal dentist would perform this for you at a low cost.
  • This composite has an advantage of running from decades among the people. So it has an automatic trust factor attached to it, it gives away the solid long-term safety record to the patients. It as well is more heard of by the people
  • This composite does not blend with your tooth color and is very evidently noticeable.

Make sure you are picking your choice of the composite after a lot of comprehension as anything that was done to you dentally is going to speak of your dental choices highly. Protect your tooth from further decay, if you find even the tiniest of the cavity, go to a dentist immediately and get it fixed. Avoid any further decay without jeopardizing the health of your tooth. It is immensely important to schedule regular dental appointments so that your cavities are treated immediately as soon as they are detected.

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