Finding a Dentist: Factors to Consider

Choosing a dentist can be an easy and beneficial process if you know what to look for. The ability to identify a good dentist rather than a bad one is important. You should also know what to watch out for to make sure that the dentist his staff fits your needs as a patient. Below are some tips that will help you find the right dentist for you:


Proper Qualification – This is the most obvious thing, but is also the most significant one. If the dentist does not have the proper certification and licensing, then none of the other steps matter, simply move on to the next dentist. Visiting a dentist’s website or simply calling the office is a good way to learn the qualifications and credentials of a dentist, for the more thorough information, you can also verify this by contacting your state’s licensing agency.

Referrals – Sometimes finding the right dentist is as easy as asking a friend or family member. People who share your interests and personality type can be a valuable resource when finding a dentist. Find out who their dentist is and how they feel about them, the staff, and the quality of treatment they receive. Word of mouth will often reveal things about a dentist that a simple office visit can’t.

Visit the Office – If you don’t like the staff at a certain office or the cleanliness of an office is not up to your standards, it won’t matter how good the dentist is. Make sure the office and waiting room are clean and sanitary; this is an indication of how seriously the dentist and staff consider hygiene. Feeling comfortable when you go to the dentist is a must, so make sure that the dentist and staff are pleasant and knowledgeable and will make you feel comfortable when you go in. Nobody likes going to the dentist but if the staff is not friendly and does not put you at ease, it will only make your visit more unpleasant than it has to be.

Get some Prices – There are two parts to this: the first is to get a price list for the services offered, the second is to make sure that if you have insurance, they accept it and find out what will and will not be covered. Obviously, knowing what the services cost is important in deciding on a dentist because you’ll want to make sure you can pay for the services rendered. Any dentist’s office should be able to tell you whether they accept your insurance either over the phone or in person.

Make sure he cares – Make sure that patient health and quality of life are among the dentist’s number one concerns. Ask the dentist about his priorities in treating his patients; health, comfort, and happiness of the patient should be at the top of the list, this should give you a good idea of what motivates him.


By thinking about these things and applying them to your search for a dentist, you will save time, money, and pain. By having the knowledge to identify what makes a dentist a good fit for you, you will ensure that you receive the best treatment, giving you an excuse to show off your pearly whites.

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