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Dental implant dentistry mainly remedies missing teeth by filling the gap with artificial teeth. The process typically involves replacing the root of the missing tooth and attaching either a removable or permanent artificial tooth. The replacement is typically natural looking and is difficult to distinguish from the rest of the teeth.

A successful implant dentistry procedure will typically result in improved speech, better appearance, easier eating and enhanced oral health.

At Delmar Dental, we have a number of implant dentistry options open to our patients and are listed below.

Replacing One Tooth

This procedure involves placing the implant, which resembles a cylinder or screw into the jaw. The implant is given anywhere from two to six months to fuse into the jaw bone and will be the anchor for the artificial tooth. A temporary tooth is placed on the implant during this fusing period and is replaced with a permanent tooth. The artificial tooth is typically called a crown.

There are other procedures for replacing a missing tooth but a single tooth implant is arguably the best option. Because the foundation of the artificial tooth or crown is fused into the jawbone, the result is a sturdy tooth that does not move or slip while eating or speaking.

Additionally, these implants are aesthetically pleasing. They mimic the look and feel of enamel so they look natural in the mouth. It is difficult to identify the missing tooth once the implant is successfully placed.

Replacing one tooth with an implant also has oral health implications. The procedure involves replacing the missing tooth’s root which improves the overall facial structure and protects against shrinkage of the jaw bone.

Replacing Multiple Teeth

The procedure for this type of implant dentistry is similar to the single tooth implant with the only difference being that it is performed on multiple sites. The process may take longer but the results are just as good.

In the first place, multiple teeth implants are permanent. This means that there is no need to take out your artificial teeth for any reason as is required with dentures. The titanium implants offer life-long support as the permanently fuse with the jawbone.

Multiple teeth implants are also more convenient. Removable dentures are at times ill fitting which results in problems eating and slurred speech. Implants fit perfectly to your dental cavity just as your natural enamel teeth do. This snug fit also provides better comfort and natural feel in the mouth.

Other procedures for replacing missing teeth usually rely on the surrounding teeth for support. To enable the dentist to bridge for example, the support teeth need to be reduced. Placing dental implants is a straight forward process that does not in any way interfere with your healthy teeth.

Lastly, taking care of multiple teeth implants is easy. Because these implants are natural in their shape and size, flossing, cleaning and general oral hygiene is very easy. You simply need to continue with your daily oral care routine and still expect your implants to last for many years to come, even a lifetime.

All-on-4 Dental Implants

We have already covered how dental implants for replacing missing teeth work. All-on-4 dental implants work exactly the same way except that this is a replacement for an entire row of missing teeth. This is an implant solution for severe tooth loss. Rather than replace an entire set of teeth one after the other, you can get the full set completed with just four implants placed strategically at the top and bottom of the mouth. You can expect all the benefits of dental implants that have been covered here.

This implant dentistry procedure is especially useful for older patients. Once the procedure is completed, wrinkles around the lips and caved in face disappear living you looking younger.

Again, this is a permanent solution meaning that you can eat virtually anything you want. The implants are just as strong and functional as natural enamel teeth. There are no restrictions on the foods you can eat.

Finally, All-on-4 procedures resolve oral health issues caused by tooth loss including inflammatory diseases and chronic infections. Additionally, there is a link between these periodontal diseases and strokes, diabetes, heart attacks and other chronic illnesses.

Implant Consultation

Delmar Dental offers no-obligation implant consultations to help figure out which of these types of implant dentistry procedures is right for you. The consultation begins with a standard exam of your gums and teeth to determine the condition of your oral health and bone density. Bone grafting may be recommended in case your bone density isn’t enough for a successful implant procedure.

X-rays are also standard at this point. This is a quick and non-invasive process to give the dentist a better idea of your oral heath situation. These X-rays will also be used to figure out the best position for the implants depending on the type the dentist sees fit for your condition.

There will be a discussion about your overall dental health as well as a discussion on what to expect from the procedure itself. The dentist will help to set expectations as well as listen to and address any concerns or questions you might have. Remember that you are under no obligation to start the dental work immediately. You can take as long as you need to make a final decision on your treatment.

Dental Implant Education Seminar

We offer dental implant education seminars for dentists who want to improve on their existing skills or those who are just beginning their career in dental implants. The seminar includes theoretical as well as hands-on training covering a wide range of areas. Some of the areas covered include;

  • Placing implants
  • Diagnosing implant patients
  • Suturing
  • Flap-less and flap design approach
  • Treatment plan alternatives
  • Diagnostic models
  • Impression taking techniques
  • Surgical guides

The seminar is a great opportunity to learn more about trends in implant dentistry as well as a change to network with other industry professionals. We offer certification at the end of the course.

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