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Delmar Dental Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is at the front line of preventing oral health issues. As its name suggests, preventive dentistry is all about taking pro-active care of your teeth and overall oral hygiene to reduce the chances or entirely eliminate dental issues. Apart from regular brushing and flossing, there are preventive procedures that are essential to your long-term oral health and that only a dentist can provide.

Delmar Dental insists and has invested heavily on preventive dentistry for a number of reasons. For one, a preventive procedure is only a fraction of the cost of the alternative which may include crowns, fillings, implants or other restorative work.

Preventive dentistry also helps to keep tooth decay and gum disease at bay. This puts you at significantly lower risk of your teeth falling out. This type of treatment also prevents inconveniences such as pain caused by tooth sensitivity. The good news is that most dental insurance covers preventive care. In any case, this type of dental care is worth investing in even if it means digging into your own pockets. Below are some of the preventive dentistry procedures that we offer our clients.

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

A comprehensive oral evaluation is standard practice every time you go in for a dental procedure. If you haven’t had any dental issues in the past three or more years, and therefore haven’t been to a doctor’s office, we recommend that you set up and appointment for an oral evaluation. The mouth doesn’t just offer clues to your oral health; it is also a good indicator of your overall health. This exam could quite literally save your life.

A comprehensive oral evaluation will definitely let the dentist know if there is any impending dental work that you need. In addition to this, certain indicators of sinus problems, cardiovascular disease, blood pressure issues, diabetes, leukemia and osteoporosis among others can be found in the mouth. Our dentists are trained to look out for these clues to help ensure that you are in good oral health and physical health standing.

Dental Cleaning and Oral Hygiene

Apart from regular flossing and brushing, you also need dental cleaning. We recommend that you come in for this procedure at least once a year. It is quick and painless and can protect you from dental and health issues including strikes, cardiovascular disease, bone loss and cancers among others. There are also additional benefits for getting your teeth cleaned by a dentist.

Brighter and whiter teeth are an obvious advantage. Dental cleaning is able to get rid of stains and discoloration that tooth paste and most over-the-counter whiteners might not be able to remedy.

Simply going in for cleaning without any obvious issues gives the dentist an opportunity to spot and fix dental problems before they occur. The dentist may be able to spot a fractured or broken filling that you might not have been aware.

Dental Care for Children

Delmar Dental advocates for early childhood dental care which we have made available to our clients. We encourage parents to bring in their children around the time of their first birthday.

The first advantage of dental care for children is they get indoctrinated to professional dental checkups from an early age. As the child grows up, he is familiar and comfortable around a dentist’s chair. It can save a lot of grief later on as well as instills the importance of regular dental checkups as the child grows. Our dentists are trained to work with children as young as one year olds.

It is also possible for the dentist to spot any dental or gum problems very early on and take corrective measures. Children are susceptible to tooth decay and bite problems which can be addressed as soon as they are spotted.


Dental sealants are a type of plastic that is applied at a tooth’s chewing surface typically on molars and premolars. These two sets of teeth are most prone to decay and accumulation of food particles and plaque. Most people think that dental sealants are meant for children or young adults. Virtually anyone can benefit from this preventive dentistry procedure.

This inexpensive procedure can save a lot of money in future dental procedures. Regular brushing and flossing is important but it may not be enough to clean the depressions and grooves on teeth surfaces thoroughly. It is also a painless procedure that is worth considering as part of your oral health preventive care.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral typically found in water and various foods. This mineral helps to protect against tooth decay. Unfortunately, it is eroded by sugars and plaque bacteria found in the mouth. Enough erosion can leave the tooth susceptible to decay. Fluoride treatment is especially recommended for children and young adults between the age of 6 and 16.

There are also certain types of people who are more prone to cavities and tooth decay and would therefore benefit from a fluoride treatment. These people include those with;

  • History of frequent cavities
  • Gum disease
  • Dry mouth conditions
  • Braces, bridges and crowns
  • Oral Cancer Screening

Almost 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year. About half of this number records fatality within five years of the diagnosis. It is clear to see that oral cancer screening is essential to your health and well being. More and more dentists are offering oral cancer screening including the Delmar Dental Clinic.

This process is non-invasive and only takes a few minutes to complete. The dentist simply checks the throat, gums, cheeks, lips and the roof of the mouth for tell-tale signs of oral cancer.

Chances of surviving cancer increase the earlier it is detected. Our examination might just be the thing that saves your life.

Finally, this procedure is inexpensive. We include it to your oral exam at no extra charge.

Night Guard

One of the major reasons to wear a night guard is if you are suffering from bruxism or Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD). Bruxism is a sleeping disorder where the person clenches or grinds his teeth during sleep. Over time the teeth wear down to the point of dental issues.

TMD is a condition resulting in pain at the jaw joint. Other issues that can be addressed with a night guard include lock jaw, popping jaw or clicking jaw. In any of these cases, the results of using a night guard regularly may include;

  • Fewer or no headaches
  • Less pain and tension
  • Improved sleeping patterns
  • Preventing tooth damage
  • Stop snoring
  • Save money on dental procedures
  • Sports Mouth Guard

Delmar Dental offers sports mouth guards which are essential for preventive dentistry for a number of reasons. The mouth guard is a piece of flexible material that is custom fitted to your mouth to protect your teeth from trauma and damage. A mouth guard is especially important if you have anterior bridgework or braces which can cause soft tissue damage during sports or physical activity.

A good mouth guard should be:

  • Easy to clean and durable
  • Allow easy breathing and speaking
  • Fit properly and comfortable
  • Tasteless, odorless, tear-resistant and resilient

Most people only need a mouth guard for their upper teeth. We may recommend both upper and lower teeth guards for people who wear bridgework, retainers, dentures and retainers or people with protruding jaws.

Dental Education

Delmar Dental is committed to patient dental education as part of our preventive dentistry strategy. Our patient education is two fold; Clinical Patient Education and Health Education.

Under Clinical Health Education, we inform our patients about what treatment is recommended for you, why it is the best option and what you can expect during and after the treatment. Under our Health Education module, we teach our patients about preventing oral health problems, promoting healthiness and improving overall health.

This education is a part and parcel of our practice and we are proud to offer this valuable service to our clients to empower them to take control of their oral health and overall well-being.

Your Questions

Finally, we are committed to offering the best dental service to our clients, which often involves listening to what you have to say. Our dentists are happy to sit with you and go over your concerns or expectations of a dental procedure. In addition to this, our dentists are open to any questions and strive to ensure that you leave every session or consultation with clarity and a sense of control over your treatment.

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