Dentures are also essential in restoring missing teeth and are typically used on patients with multiple missing teeth. At Delmar Dental in Vista, we used modern dentures which have many advantages over traditional options.
Our dentures are functional as well as comfortable. Traditionally, dentures were simply made to allow people to chew food. Today, there is more emphasis on aesthetics and comfort. It is essential that the dentures are customized to fit snugly in the patients’ mouth with minimal slippage while talking or chewing.
Our dentures are also very versatile to cater to different patients needs. These options range from partial sets for just a few missing teeth to full sets for extensive missing teeth. We At Delmar Dental in Vista also offer permanent dentures that cannot be removed for patients who want maximum comfort, natural feel and aesthetics and durability.
Dentures are also useful for overall health and not just for restorative purposes. For example, well designed and fitted dentures help with supporting facial structure and muscles as well as reduce natural oral bone loss.

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