Stop The Tooth Decay At Its Initial Stage With Tooth Colored Fillings!

We strain every possible nerve to ensure the good oral health. We brush and floss regularly, we avoid taking sugary snacks between meal and refreshments but what we fail to avoid is the tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the widely spread dental disease among the kids and adults alike. If you have not experienced cavity or any sort of dental decay yet by the age of 19, be proud. You are among that rare percentage of people who can hardly steer away from the dental disease. If truth to be told, for most of the people, tooth decay is the fact of life. Another fact of life is the dental filling. Opting for the dental filling is the time tested and effectual way to fill the loss of tooth decay and keep it away from doing the further damage.

What Is Dental Filling?

As obvious from the name, dental filling seals up the hole in your tooth that has been caused due to the bacterial infection. Gone are the days when dental filling used to be obvious and look clumsy. The advancement in the dental industry has made them look natural and beautiful that they just resemble the real tooth. Patients can even go for the colored dental filling too to enhance the beauty of their smile. It is probably one of the most common dental treatments that the dentists perform to save the integrity of the decayed tooth.

Advantages Of Tooth-Colored Filling –

Tooth-colored filling can address a number of dental concerns such as….

  • Repair broken or cracked teeth
  • Alter the shape of irregular teeth
  • Replace darkened or deteriorating silver fillings
  • Fill in minor chips
  • Fill in gaps between teeth

Every time you go to the dental clinic for the regular check up of your oral health, your dentist examine if you have a cavity that call for filling. Now you would be thinking, when you don’t notice anything wrong with your tooth and gum or don’t experience any problem with your oral health, why does your dentist bother so much? Is there any self interest of the dentist to give you the dental filling?

Of course not! The reason why your dentist is concerned about your dental health is that if the tooth decay is left untreated, the decay would not go away on the contrary it will get deeper inside the tooth and soon it will reach till the dental pulp tissue of the root canal and will cause the intense toothache or the real discomfort. The infection will spread further which may result into the tooth loss. Hence, going for the tooth colored filling is a sure remedy to the complicated and costly problem. Isn’t it wise to stop tooth decay at its initial stage with a simple, safe and cost effective procedure of tooth filling instead of going for the expensive, complicated and painful dental treatment later?

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